About AEC 3000

In the 1960's Albert Doliwa was the owner of a property renovation business. At this time damp walls were usually
treated by sealing them in a layer of render. This proved to be problematic in that the damp usually rose to the surface once again
after some time. Attempts at a capillary solution through the drilling of small air ways also proved futile.

Knowing this, Albert Doliwa started to think, not about sealing the wall, but letting it breathe through a specially prepared
render covering. Exactly when this concept was first used has unfortunately been lost in time but it is certain that it occurred before
the 70's began. A little later it was given the name AEC 3000, the name under which it is still marketed today.

We have been using AEC 3000 as a tool against damp walls for over 40 years during which time it has shown its reliability and
durability time and time again on thousands of properties at home and abroad. Even after 30 years we still hear from many
customers how their walls are still free of damp.

Although AEC 3000 stems from a time before factory prepared mortar and render mixing pumps came into existence, it has
bridged time and and today it is used with these products.

Traditionally applicated by hand or modern machine - a product for you AEC 3000.

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